Sunday, July 17, 2016

How to Finish Strong

You must make a choice. Burnout can shorten your career or compel you to care for self so that you can care for others. Consider these ideas and add them to your practice:

Paula Davis Laack recommends doing an energy audit to monitor work activities that fuel you and those that drain you. Listen to this short interview...
Paula Davis Laack CBS Interview

Additional resources
Filling the Empty Cup

 Teacher burnout images - Google Search. (n.d.). Retrieved July 19, 2016, from burnout images 


What can you do to prevent burnout from effecting you? Here are some self-care tips from Edutopia:

Good News for Teachers: Exercise Builds Brain Power, Too

Switch it up!
Teachers: Move On Before You Burn Out

Build your Support Group
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Take Control
Teacher burnout

They Really Do Want to Learn

Organizational Fit

There are six researched areas of work life that contribute to job satisfaction or employee burnout. Read what a leading researcher has to say.

The Importance of Individual-Organization Match

Take a moment to reflect on the "fit" of your workplace.

What makes a great school? Certainly working in a building that "fits" yet in reality all school buildings are a work in progress. As each building evolves, here are a school district superintendent's sentiments on what constitutes a good school:

What Defines a Good School?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Personal and Professional Cost of Burnout

Burnout in teaching professionals can:
1. negatively impact physical and emotional wellbeing
2. contribute to low personal accomplishment
3. poor self esteem
4. insecurity within the teaching profession
5. result in a toxic relationship with colleagues
6. no contribution to the professional development at the building level
7. negatively impact relationships with students and academic achievement

Read and Consider:
Costs and Implications of Teacher Stress

Revolving Door Of Teachers Costs Schools Billions Every Year

Finally, Exhale:

The Three Types of Burnout

Burnout displays in three different sub-types depending on the educator's way of coping. All three coping strategies are ineffectual and can railroad the employees career.

Overload-the individual that works harder and frantically pursuing excellence but the work will never be done. Complaining and venting are the ways the employee attempts to cope with stress and may resign thinking he is ineffectual or has made a poor career choice.

Under-utilized-the individual that is bored in the position and does little to engage in personal development. This employee's coping strategy is to  disengage from work, is cynical and depersonalizes those they are charged with assisting.

Wornout-this individual copes by giving up. They may have career goals but cannot muster the motivation to work through the challenges.

Read more about this topic here: